ATPIAL-C TNVC is proud to the be the distributor for Insight Technology’s long-awaited ATPIAL-C: the standard issue laser module for the U.S. Military is now available in an eye-safe, civilian-legal version.

Helmet Builder

TNVC Helmet Builder Helmet Builder allows customers to design their own ballistic ACH/MICH Helmet from the shell on up and purchase it for less than the cost of the individual parts. This provides a substantial value and savings to the end-user because it allows them to get everything they need and nothing they don’t.

Tax Refund Sale

Tax Refund Sale The Tax Man taketh away and givith back. Put your tax refund to good use on some incredible night vision deals!

Class 1 Infrared Lasers

sb04TNVC is extremely excited to announce the sale of brand new Class 1 (Eye Safe) IR Lasers to the general public! Laser Devices, Inc. (LDI), a U.S. Government Contractor has started producing 0.07mW Infrared Lasers after receiving a variance from the FDA. Now, for the first time ever, civilians can purchase IR lasers for their weapons, built in the same Mil Spec housings as their full power brothers. LDI’s Class 1 IR Lasers are in stock and shipping now! Get some…