Down Range Gear NRL-1

NOD Retention Lanyard for U.S. Army Helmet Shroud


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Down Range Gear was started by a former Marine with a mind for innovation, developing simple robust, solutions for complex gear problems facing Warfighters and Law Enforcement Professionals alike.

The Down Range Gear NRL-1 is a clean and simple solution for retaining night vision goggles to an operator’s helmet. The standard issue USGI Helmet Shroud and Mounting Arm is one of the most widely-used and available mounting systems. Anyone who has ever run head-mounted night vision devices knows that it is important to dummy cord them to the helmet in case they are bumped off the mount during rigorous activity. A 4K optic is a bad thing to lose. The most popular field-expedient method for retaining NODs is to tie gutted 550 cord from the device to the helmet cover or around one of the chin strap mounting screws. While crude, it works. But, it causes the problem of having a long piece of 550 cord dangling down around the operator’s face, catching on gear and weapons.

Enter the Down Range Gear NRL-1. This simple, elegant solution features a two-part design that neatly tethers the NOD to the helmet shroud. A piece of nylon webbing is sandwiched between the shroud and helmet surface, secured by the mounting hardware. A captured length of shock cord secures the male half of a side release buckle. The second part of the system zip-ties onto the night vision device and features a small piece of webbing that secures another length of shock cord from the zip-tie to the female half of the side release buckle. When the NOD is mounted to the helmet, the NRL-1’s side release buckle secures the two halves, providing a very adjustable and robust lanyard that does not leave extra material to snag on gear. Another added benefit comes from the shock cord reducing wobble between the mount and the NOD. The NRL-1 is a very cost-effective, elegant, and robust solution to an old problem. No standard USGI Helmet Mount should be without the NRL-1.

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