LDI LAS/TAC 2 Class 1 IR Pistol Laser w/ Remote Switch

Civilian Legal Eye-Safe Infrared Pistol Laser


Following the wildly successful launch of LDI’s Class1 Eye Safe Infrared Laser series, TNVC is proud to be the exclusive distributor of the Laser Devices, Inc. LAS/TAC2 Class1 IR Pistol Laser Series!  The LAS/TAC2 Class1 lasers use the same housings as the legacy LAS/TAC2 pistol lasers and lights, but replace the modular head with LDI’s proven Class1 IR laser diode.  Now, civilian shooters have the opportunity to own a pistol-mounted infrared laser.

The LAS/TAC2 is available in several different mount configurations to accommodate various popular pistol accessory rails.  The options include Mil-Std 1913/Picatinny Rail, Standard/Weaver Rail, Glock® Rail, and H&K ® Rail.  A quick-detach mounting system allows the LAS/TAC2 to be quickly added or removed from a pistol without the loss of zero.  An included tool is used to adjust windage and elevation.  The LAS/TAC2 series is completely modular, featuring a removable head that allows users to swap between different attachments in the line (not included).

Ever since the original release of the rifle-mounted Class1 IR lasers, customers have been clamoring for a pistol version.  After all, it is very difficult to use your pistol’s iron sights while wearing night vision goggles.  Generally, a weapon-mounted IR laser is required to effectively engage targets/threats while using NVG’s.  Now, the wait is finally over.  The LAS/TAC2 Series is a great way to bring your sidearm into a no-light fight.  Compact and durable, the LAS/TAC2 Class1 IR laser offers more than enough power provide serious targeting capabilities out to the longest of pistol ranges.  The Class1 laser diode projects a 0.1mW infrared beam.

The LAS/TAC2’s housing is similar in size to other pistol accessories on the market, allowing it to fit the same polymer holsters molded for the Surefire X300.  The LAS/TAC2 series can be purchased with or without a remote pressure pad.  The versions available on this page come with the pressure pad, which is useful for one-handed operation of the laser while not compromising the ability to fire the weapon.

In the past, some small-time companies have attempted to build home-made modified IR lasers and sell them on the tactical market.  These units did not hold zero and were generally poorly constructed- more suited to toys.  Now, for the first time ever, a major government contractor is producing civilian-legal IR lasers in quality Mil Spec housings.  Finally, the commercial market has something readily available at affordable prices.


This Item is ITAR controlled and cannot be shipped or carried outside the United States without express written permission from the United States Department of State. We do not export outside the United States. PERIOD!

Laser Devices, Inc.
3.2″(L) x 1.4″(W) x 1.3″(H)
3.1 oz. (w/ batteries)
High Impact/Glass-Filled Polymer Body, Aircraft Grade Aluminum Head
Two (2) 3-Volt CR123A Lithium Batteries
Battery Life:
48 Hours Continuous
3 Meters
3-Position Lever Switch, Remote Momentary Switch
1 Year Warranty
Class I (eye safe)
0.3 mrad
>250 Meters