Nivisys ATILLA-200

Advanced Tactical Illuminating Laser Aimer

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The ATILLA-200 is widely regarded as one of the best IR Laser Pointer/Illuminators available. It is the only laser on the market with in-the-field, user-adjustable intensity, giving the operator the ability to dial it in for Close Quarters Battle or long range target designation. NIVISYS recently took over production of these incredible laser units and they are now available for purchase by Law Enforcement agencies.

The ATILLA-200 is a Class IIIb laser that emits a highly collimated beam of infrared light radiation for precise aiming of the host weapon as well as a separate infrared illumination beam with adjustable focus. Both beams can be operated individually or in combination. The user may select the ATILLA-200’s beam intensity to best suit the lighting condition, target contrast, and range. The projected aiming beam may be selected as steady, fast or slow pulsing modes. The ATILLA-200 is for use with Night Vision Devices and can be used as either a handheld illuminator/pointer or can be weapon mounted.

We cannot say enough good things about the ATILLA-200. It really comes down to the ability of the user to manually adjust the beam intensity. No other weapon-mount IR laser has this capability. The reason this is so important is because it keeps the operator from having an over-powering massive “fireball” of IR radiation at close range. Most other IR laser units feature a set high/low power. Even on low power, the IR pointer is usually too strong for CQB engagement distances and ends up completely obscuring the target or threat. While they are still easy to use, this situation is not ideal. The ATILLA-200 allows the operator to dial down the intensity to more useable levels. However, the beam is still easily and quickly adjusted to higher intensity if the user has to designate a distant target to other team members or aerial units.

The ATILLA-200 is bigger and heavier than most other units on the market, but it is well worth the bulk considering the benefits provided. For a long time, these phenomenal laser units were only available to the DoD. But, now, they are open for purchase by local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies.

IR Lasers are restricted to Law Enforcement and Government sales only and cannot be sold to civilians. Purchase of IR Laser equipment can only occur at the Department, Agency, or Unit level. IR Lasers cannot be sold to individual Law Enforcement, Military, Government, or Contractor personnel. No exceptions. If you are a government employee and would like to purchase an IR laser, you must have your agency place the order for you. We do not make the rules, but we do follow them. These lasers are regulated by the FDA (Food & Drug Administration). Price inquires must include an email request from an official government or government contractor email address. All ITAR restrictions apply.

5.25″(L) x 2.5″(W) x 1.5″(H)
7.5 oz w/Battery
Two (2) 1.5V AA Batteries
Battery Life:
8.5 Hours
3.6 VDC Max
20m for 2+ Hours
Weapons up to 12.7mm
-70.6° to 159° F
-25.6° to 123.8° F
1 Year Warranty
830 nm ± 20 nm
Slow Blink:
1.5hz (±0.1)
Fast Blink:
2.5hz (±1.5)
0.3mR (Pointing), 1.0mR to 240mR (13°) (Pointing/ Illuminating)
0.4 mR/ Click
Adjust Range:
54mR Total Travel
High Power:
50mW (Pointing), 150mW (Pointing/ Illuminating)
0.64mW (Pointing), 2.5mW (Pointing/ Illuminating)
20,000m (Pointing)
3,000m (Pointing)
M4/ M16 Mounting Kit (NVEC #16), Operator’s Manual, Local Control Switch (Standard Power/ Black), Local Control Switch (Eye-Safe/ Blue), Remote Control Switch w/ 14″ Cable (Standard/ Black), Remote Control Switch w/ 14″ Cable (Eye Safe/ Blue), AA Batteries, Lens Cleaning Kit, Soft Carry Case, Hard Storage Case, Allen Wrenches