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Team Wendy CAM-FIT Chinstrap Retention System

Drop-In Replacement Chin Strap System


The first stand-alone chinstrap to feature dial-adjustable fit. The Boa® Closure System provides the ultimate in stability, adjustment and fit while remaining lightweight and durable. Taking it one step further, the retention system is compatible with a wide variety of helmet liner systems as well as most common ballistic shell styles.

The Boa® system’s unrivaled technology ensures the most secure fit in a matter of seconds. The addition of cam-lock sliders furthers the ease of one-handed adjustment – set them in place once and let the Boa® system do the rest. The design of the cam-lock adjustment system results in no loose ends or hanging straps, and no elastic loops that tear off and disappear.

The system responds to the dynamic loading conditions of a modern combat helmet. It is capable of withstanding the additional weight of headborne accessories while maintaining balance and stability. The straps and chin-cup have been newly designed for a close, comfortable fit to the wearer’s face, with no raised bumps or seams to rub or chafe. The asymmetric design keeps the buckle tucked smoothly along the jaw line while maintaining a snug, even feel around the chin-cup. The ultrasuede chin-cup lining ensures maximum comfort and chafe-free wear at any temperature.

Team Wendy has taken helmet comfort and stability to a whole new level.  The CAM-FIT provides operators with a drop-in system that does not touch the liner, yet offers the same stability as complete liner replacement systems.  Its wide range of size accommodations makes it ideal for team and unit orders.  Its seamless integration with comms/earpro headsets is another benefit.  Simply loosening the CAM-FIT all the way, allows the tension straps (the ones that house the aluminum cables) to wrap over the ear cups.  Tightening the rear nape dial will cinch the straps over the headset, providing stability for NVG’s, while distributing the pressure of the tension straps to increase comfort over long periods of wear.

The design of the chin-cup has more “grip area” on the user’s chin.  We have found that it does not slip off the chin as easily as other designs.  Lastly, the rear dial nape pad is heavily padded, increasing comfort considerably when tightened and while the user is looking up or in the prone position.  There is practically no bite in the neck from the nape pad.  The pad is low profile, tucking snuggling under the head to create little or no interference with your plate carrier.  Another thing we noticed is the hardware that comes with the CAM-FIT is long enough to go through a ballistic shell only.  It will not be long enough to go through a ballistic shell with an Ops Core ARC Rail.  Never fear.  The thread pitch on the Ops Core hardware is the same as the Team Wendy bolts.  So, you can use the longer Ops Core ARC bolts with the Team Wendy nuts to secure your CAM-FIT.

Team Wendy
Nylon Webbing, Aluminum Aircraft Cables
MICH/ACH TC2000, TC2001, TC2002, Ops Core FAST, Crye Precision AirFrame
Fits Faces 26-29.25″ (Measure around chin to top of head)