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Air Ground Warrior Battery Pack

Rugged Remote Battery Pack for ANVIS Goggles


The Adams Industries Air Ground Warrior Battery Pack (AGWBP) is designed for the operator.  It is a direct replacement for the legacy standard issue USGI ANVIS Battery Pack and is designed to be mounted on the back of a helmet.  The AGWBP can be attached to a flight helmet with a clip mount interface or a ballistic helmet using hook and loop.  The AGWBP improves on the legacy system in every way.  It is machined from a stronger polymer, making it more impact/crush-proof.  It is water resistant, featuring dual battery compartments with rubber O-Rings.  Lastly, it gives the operator the option to run the system on either two CR123 3 Volt batteries or four AA 1.5 Volt batteries.  The AGWBP is activated using an easily-accessible knob.

Those that have used the legacy ANVIS USGI Battery Pack in a cockpit know that it serves its purpose.  But, today’s warriors are increasingly using the ANVIS system for ground operations due to its superior optics.  Because the standard issue ANVIS mounting system is designed for the relative controlled environment of a cockpit, it never had to be exposed to field abuse.  This has resulted in a lot of downed systems in the field.  Enter the AGWBP from Adams Industries.  For those that want to use a remote battery system to power their ANVIS goggles, here it is.  Obviously, the AGWBP can be used on a flight helmet as well, but it is primarily designed to be run on the ground.

The Adams Industries Air Ground Warrior Battery Pack is designed to be compatible with the Adams Industries Surface ANVIS Mount (SAM) and Rugged ANVIS Mount (RAM).

This Item is ITAR controlled and cannot be shipped or carried outside the United States without express written permission from the United States Department of State. We do not export outside the United States.  PERIOD!

Adams Industries
High Density Polymer
4.25″(L) x 1.0″(W) x 3.25″(H)
6.8 oz. (empty)