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B.A.D. Combat Ambidextrous Safety Selector

Modular Ambi Safety for M-16/M4



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The Combat Ambidextrous Safety Selector (CASS) from Battle Arms Development provides the same modular functionality as the BAD-ASS, but is designed for full-auto M16 and M4 receivers. The M16/M4 platform, overall, is ideally suited to most users/operators. However, the lack of ambidextrous controls has plagued this rifle for years, causing shooters to have to adapt themselves to their gear rather than the other way around. Left-handed shooters have developed their own manual of arms for operating the AR-15. But, adaptation has also occurred with right-handed shooters. For years, special operations forces and other “switched-on” units have taught their operators to manipulate their weapons effectively with either hand. One never knows when they will have to engage a threat from a position, non-conducive to standard shooting positions. Battle Arms Development (BAD) has made a terrific stride in placing the operator in front of the power curve with their new Combat Ambidextrous Safety Selector.

There are several manufacturers of ambi selectors for the AR-15 platform. BAD differs from the pack with their modular approach to the design. One of the problems often associated with legacy ambi levers is interference with the operator’s knuckle on the outside of the weapon. Other manufacturers simply take a normal size lever and place it on the opposite side of the receiver. This tends to dig into the shooter’s hand when flipping the safety from “safe” to “semi” to “auto,” causing (at best) discomfort, and (at worst) non-engagement. This is an obvious problem when milliseconds count and lives are on the line. The BAD-CASS comes with two levers that allow the operator to configure his/her ambi safety in multiple configurations. Each lever is “keyed” to tightly fit the safety bar for full engagement. This eliminates the “spinning safety lever” problem found in other designs. Because of the added stress placed on parts during full auto fire, the CASS features added retention between the levers and safety bar. It utilizes a dove-tail engagement that prevents the lever from moving outward of the receiver if the thread-locker fails. The levers are heavily checkered with deep grooves, ensuring positive manipulation.

The BAD ASS kit comes with a choice of two safety levers. You can choose from Standard, Short, or Thin.

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Battle Arms Development
Precision CNC Machined Bar Stock Steel
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Select Fire M-16/M4 Lower Receivers