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DARK GULAG Night Fighter: Armed Professional (Feb 7-9, 2017)

Full Spectrum Tactical Training

$750.00 — $1,050.00

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Dark Gulag is a 1 Week Joint Training Event designed to provide students with a full spectrum Special Operations experience. BAT Defense, TNVC, and Greenline Tactical have partnered to take students from the light to the dark side at the AMTEC Training Facility in Perry, Florida, and the Altair Training Facility in Naples, Florida. On-site lodging is available at both locations.

Dark Gulag is comprised of three individual classes that can be attended separately or as a package. Sign-up is done individually on each company’s website. Or, you can sign up for the entire package and use discount code: DARKGULAG for discounted tuition for the week. Each course has different gear requirements, but student prerequisites are the same: All students must be Legal U.S. Citizens. Proof of citizenship is required to train. Students must have basic tactical weapons handling skills and be able to provide proof of successful completion of previous tactical weapons instruction courses from vetted / reputable trainers or show Military / LE credentials. Safety is paramount in all firearms training – especially at night. Students will be expected to follow instruction. Failure to do so, leading to unsafe conditions, will result in immediate dismissal from class and forfeiture of tuition without reimbursement.

Signing up on the TNVC site only enrolls you in Night Fighter: Armed Professional (Feb 7-9, 2017).  If you want to sign up for the entire event, you must do so at each company’s website:  for daytime Combat Carbine ($500)  for Aerial Target Interdiction: Night Fighter ($1,650)

Range fees and UTM munitions are included in the prices.  Signing up for all three will allow you to save $100 on each class.

The TNVC portion of Dark Gulag is Night Fighter: Armed Professional.  Night Fighter: Armed Professional is a restricted class for active duty Military, Law Enforcement, and Security Personnel.  Vetted civilians will be admitted. It provides advanced instruction to armed professionals who have already mastered the fundamentals of low-light / no-light operation. This class focuses on increasing the students’ night vision skillsets during real world operations. Students will participate in a variety of evolutions including team movement and communication, movement to target, stealth search to contact, target discrimination/ engagement, vehicles, and CBRN integration.

  • *Night Vision Goggle / Helmet / Mount / Laser can be Rented for $300
    -Serviceable Carbine w/ RDS, Weapon Light, Sling, IR Laser / Illuminator
    -Serviceable Pistol w/ Night Sights, Weapon Light, Holster
    -1,000rds Serviceable Rifle Ammo / 200rds Serviceable Pistol Ammo
    -Night Vision Goggle (Gen3) w/ Helmet, Mount (can be Rented)
    -Hand Held White Light
    -Eye / Ear Pro
    -Maintenance Gear for Weapons / Batteries for Electronics
    -5 Rifle Magazines / 3 Pistol Magazines
    -Plate Carrier w/ Armor + Plates, Belt Kit, Magazine Pouches
    *There will be NO live fire shoot house or force-on-force. Regardless, we recommend PPE or your duty gear
    – IFAK or BOK on your person
    -Weather Appropriate Clothing
    -Water / Food / Snivel Gear

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February 7-9, 2017
AMTEC Training Facility – Perry, Florida
Contact: for questions