Night Vision Financing Available

FLIR BHS-XR Command QD100 Thermal Bi-Ocular

640 x 480 Thermal Camera System

$7,139.00 — $12,398.00

With the same image clarity and detail that knocked your socks off in FLIR’s Scout monocular cameras, FLIR’s new Scout Bi-Ocular Series gives outdoor enthusiasts even more choices and control in their thermal viewing experience. Featuring a full coverage eyepiece, inter-ocular adjustment, ergonomic comfort, straightforward controls, interchangeable quick disconnect lenses, and the unrivaled performance that only FLIR’s high resolution thermal cores can deliver, the Scout Bi-Ocular is a must have for any avid outdoor enthusiast. Keep track of your party, see animals, track game, and travel safely at night or in conditions with poor visibility. Your Scout Bi-Ocular isn’t just for out on the trail — there are dozens of on-the-water, on-the-go, or at-home uses.
Employing either a 640 x 480 FLIR thermal imaging core with advanced image-processing algorithms, the high performance Scout Bi-Ocular allows you to see more and see farther than any other night vision technology.

The BHS-XR Command model bi-ocular provides excellent long range viewing with sharp 640 x 480 native resolution in the viewfinder, and a 2x digital e-zoom step to 320 x 240 and a 4x digital e-zoom step to 160 x 120.

A quick release hot-shoe literally makes access to AC power a “snap”, and a latched battery door provides fast and easy access to exchange or recondition batteries.

The ability to capture both photos and video is standard on all Scout Bi-Ocular models. One-touch recording frees up hands to focus and zoom during an exciting event to get the best video possible.  If you are serious about the great outdoors, why limit your opportunity to only the daylight hours? Experience nature in vivid detail 24/7 with the Scout Bi-Ocular.

So, the main questions we get concerning the BHS series are: What are the differences between the BHS series and the BTS Scout Series?  Well, the BHS is designed for Law Enforcement use and comes equipped with a 30Hz output rather than the 9Hz offered by the Scouts, making it much faster.  The only caveat to this is that the BHS series cannot be taken outside the country.  The other difference is that the BHS series features a time/date stamp in the image which is useful for evidence collection and court.  This replaces the “Instalert” feature in the Scout series.

The other question we get is: What’s the difference between the BHS-X and BHS-XR models?  This is simple.  The “X” models have a 320×240 native resolution thermal core, while the “XR” models feature a native 640×480 native resolution.  The XR’s 640×480 is only available in the Bi-Ocular BHS series.  The standard H-Series tops out at 320×480.  Also, the XR models come with a 2X and 4X digital zoom whereas the X models only have 2X.

Normally, FLIR sells the BHS series as a camera and lens separately.  There are 3 different lens sizes available.  To help avoid confusion, we have taken the liberty of assembling package deals for the BHS line.  You can still purchase the units by themselves, but they require a lens to function.

This package features the QD100 Lens, giving the user a narrow field of view, but extended range.


Export of Night Vision Equipment or related accessories (such as manuals) is strictly regulated by the US Department of State in accordance with the guidelines of the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR).  It is a major crime to ship or carry US manufactured night vision devices outside the borders of the United States, punishable by fines and prison sentences.  Ignorance of these regulations will not hold up in court.  By purchasing night vision equipment from TNVC, you attest that you will not attempt to export or carry this night vision equipment outside the borders of the United States.  Also, it illegal to allow a non-US Citizen to look through US Gen3 Night Vision Devices, even on US soil.  Again, this is a crime punishable by fines and prison sentences. 

15.6”(L) x 6.5”(W) x 3.1” (H)
2.52 Lbs
Black, Corrosion Resistant
(4x) AA Batteries
Battery Life:
Approx. 4-6 Hours, 120 Hours on NiMH Batteries
2 Year Warranty
Vanadium Oxide, Uncooled Microbolometer
640 x 480
<50mK @ f/1.0
7.5 to 13.5 μm
<1.5 sec. from Standby
5° x 3°
FOV 2x E-Zoom:
2.5° x 1.5°
FOV 4x E-Zoom:
1.5° x 1°
Image Process:
FLIR Proprietary Digital Detail Enhancement
2x, 4x Electronic Zoom
White Hot/Black Hot
Frame Rate:
30 Hz (NTSC or PAL)
Video Output:
NTSC or PAL Composite Video
Built-In display:
Color VGA LCD Display
Viewfinder Video Output:
30 Hz NTSC or PAL Composite Video (640 x 480)
External Video (via RCA Jack):
640 x 480 NTSC or PAL
Operating Temp:
-4°F to +140°F
Storage Temp:
-40°F to +167°F
IP-67, Submersible, 1 Meter Drop
Detect Man:
2,450 m
Recognize Man:
650 m
Still Image/Video Format:
JPEG / AVI (640 x 480)
Still Image/Video Storage:
SD or SDHC Card
Real Time Clock:
USB2 Port:
Hot Shoe Charging/ Video Output Attachment, Four (4) AA Rechargeable Batteries, AC Power Adapter/ Charger, Car Power Adapter/ Charger, Neck Lanyard, Manual, Quick Reference Guide, Video Output Cable, Tactical Carry Case, USB Cable, 1 Gb SD Card
Manufacturer’s P/N:
431-0006-01-00, 431-0006-01-00S, 431-0006-02-00, 431-0006-02-00S