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FLIR Scout BTS-X Pro QD100 Thermal Bi-Ocular

320 x 240 100mm Thermal Camera System

$6,089.00 — $11,774.00

FLIR’s Scout Series of Thermal Cameras gives hunters, hikers, campers, and outdoors enthusiasts the ability to see in complete darkness. The Scout Series is the first affordable, high end thermal optic available to civilians. Its highly sensitive thermal core detects heat rather than ambient light, allowing users to see through foliage, light smoke and fog. The Scout BTS-X Pro – QD100 utilizes a 320×240 resolution Vanadium Oxide Microbolometer for excellent thermal imagery and high-detail.

The BTS-X Pro QD100 is well-suited to predator and hog hunters. Like its H-Series cousin, the Scout Series runs off four rechargeable AA batteries. It can be plugged into a standard 12V car outlet, allowing for a constant full charge while riding around fields, hunting hogs. The included Hot Shoe provides a standard RCA composite video out connection for use with secondary monitors or recorders.

The BTS-X Pro QD65 features a full coverage eye piece that gives the user a bi-ocular viewing experience. The bi-ocular setup is less-taxing on the user’s eyes during long periods of use. Flir’s high-resolution thermal core delivers unparalleled performance. It features a sharp 2x digital e-zoom on top of its native 320 x 240 resolution. The BTS-X Pro QD100 is a two-part system. The thermal unit can be purchased separately or with the quick-disconnect 100mm lens system. Obviously, the unit requires a lens to work, but the QD-feature allows various lens upgrades to be purchased and used separately.

The FLIR Scout Series is an incredible value for the outdoors enthusiast. Its proprietary FLIR Instalert polarity mode immediately detects animals and paints them in a high-contrast red. This increases the ability to identify heat-producing objects and surfaces. There are two levels of Instalert, allowing for light or full identification. The full red coverage seems to more easily detect movement, but is more liberal in its identification of heated objects. This can sometimes cause a little more confusion for target ID in dense-foliage. However, this is where the standard mode comes into play. There is very little clipping and little-to-no noticeable slowdown with the 9 Hz output while observing moving objects and animals. The major benefit of the 9 Hz frame rate is that it is able to be carried outside the United States by U.S. citizens without ITAR restriction. This means users can take their Scout systems with them on vacations, cruises, and safari.

The rugged body housing is well-suited to the field. Its controls are intuitively laid out and easy to navigate without looking.

The FLIR BTS-X QD100 Pro comes standard with image and video capture capability. Stored on a removable, on-board SD card, the images are easily downloaded to a computer via a card reader or USB cable.

Please note that the BTS-X can be purchased without a QD lens. However, it requires a lens to be functional.

While the Scout Series’ 7.5 Hz Frame Rate allow it to be legally carried outside the United States, TNVC does not export. These units will only be sold to legal U.S. citizens within the United States.

15.6”(L) x 6.5”(W) x 3.1” (H)
2.52 Lbs
Hunter Green, Corrosion Resistant
(4x) AA Batteries
Battery Life:
Approx. 4-6 Hours, 120 Hours on NiMH Batteries
2 Year Warranty
Vanadium Oxide, Uncooled Microbolometer
320 x 240
<50mK @ f/1.0
7.5 to 13.5 μm
<1.5 sec. from Standby
5° x 3°
FOV 2x E-Zoom:
2.5° x 1.5°
Image Process:
FLIR Proprietary Digital Detail Enhancement
2X Electronic Zoom
White Hot/Black Hot, FLIR Instalert
Frame Rate:
9 Hz (NTSC or PAL)
Video Output:
NTSC or PAL Composite Video
Built-In display:
Color VGA LCD Display
Viewfinder Video Output:
9 Hz NTSC or PAL Composite Video (320 x 240)
External Video (via RCA Jack):
320 x 240 NTSC or PAL
Operating Temp:
-4°F to +140°F
Storage Temp:
-40°F to +167°F
IP-67, Submersible, 1 Meter Drop
Detect Man:
1,450 m
Recognize Man:
370 m
Still Image/Video Format:
JPEG / AVI (320 x 240)
Still Image/Video Storage:
SD or SDHC Card
Real Time Clock:
USB2 Port:
Hot Shoe Charging/ Video Output Attachment, Four (4) AA Rechargeable Batteries, AC Power Adapter/ Charger, Neck Lanyard, Manual, Quick Reference Guide, Video Output Cable, Tactical Carry Case, USB Cable, 1 Gb SD Card
Manufacturer’s P/N:
431-0005-05-00S, 431-0005-06-00S