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Green Eyes & Black Rifles

Warriors Guide to the Combat Carbine


SGM Kyle Lamb, author of Green Eyes & Black Rifles: Warrior’s Guide to the Combat Carbine, is highly experienced, highly decorated American veteran of combat tours all over the globe. He is a retired Special Forces soldier who brings his decades of experience in America’s most elite combat unit to his writing. Green Eyes & Black Rifles is a great handbook for shooters of all skill levels. It provides in-depth coverage of topics ranging from the manufacture of the AR15 weapon system, brand and accessories, to dynamic and advanced shooting techniques. The book is well-paced and full of photographs illustrating the points.

SGM Lamb also talks about the combat mindset and what it takes to survive and prevail in a gunfight. He references training and actual encounters. This is one of the most comprehensive instructional books we have read. While it is not going to turn you into an experienced gunfighter from reading it, you will learn new things about training and have drills in which to practice. We recommend this book to all shooters for enhancing their training and weapon manipulation skills.

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