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Pink Ribbon Patch for Cancer Research

All Proceeds Donated to the American Cancer Society


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We at TNVC, like many others, have loved ones that are personally affected by cancer.  It is a disease that takes many forms and affects millions of Americans.  Everyone knows someone who has been touched by this horrible affliction.  At TNVC, the battle is personal, as it is with many others.  Those that are battling cancer are in the fight of their lives every day.  They have no deployments, no rotations, and no shifts.  They fight every second of every minute of every day.  By our definition, that makes them warriors.  And it is in honor of these brave women in our lives that we have designed the “For the Girls” Pink Ribbon Patch.  Each patch is Velcro-backed so it can be attached to your tactical gear as a reminder to continue the fight no matter what.  TNVC donates all proceeds to the American Cancer Society for cancer research to help find a cure.  Wear the Pink Ribbon as a symbol of strength, devotion, and love for those you care about.  Carry them with you and show support for the most noble battle of all.  This is a fight we can win.

3.5″(H) x 2.25″(W)