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Spiritus Systems Lid Snake V2

Battery Cable Routing Tubes


The Spiritus Systems Lid Snake provides a highly adaptable solution to routing battery pack cables for helmet-mounted night vision goggles.  NVG’s such as TNV/Sentinel, ANVIS, AN/PVS-23, AN/PVS-31, GPNVG-18, etc are powered by remote battery packs attached to the back of the operator’s helmet.  Routing and securing the cables between the battery pack and NVG’s has always proved challenging.  Placing cables under the helmet is uncomfortable and makes the system difficult to remove for maintenance.  Placing them outside the helmet creates a snag hazard.

Lid Snakes are Velcro-backed tubes of nylon that provide a secure and easily re-positional method of routing battery pack cables.  Simply run the cable through a Lid Snake and stick it on the helmet surface.  The entire cable can be secured against the surface, leaving nothing to snag.   Lid Snakes work great on all tactical and flight helmets.  They also serve to protect the cables from abrasion.  The quick doff capability of Lid Snakes simplifies removing and reapplying battery packs for airborne operations, storage, and maintenance.  Sold in sets of two.

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