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Tele Vue TNVC Night Vision A-Focal Astronomy Adapter

Telescope Eyepiece Adapter for Night Vision Monocular


Tele Vue Optics and TNVC have partnered to provide the unique capability of “Aperture Amplification” to virtually any astronomical telescope. Night Vision enhancement is achieved by simply attaching a night vision device with a PVS-14 NVG Objective Lens, to many standard Tele Vue eyepieces, using the Night Vision A-Focal Astronomy Adapter.  This adapter simply screws into the PVS-14 Objective Lens housing, and is attached by placing the PVS-14 (with connected adapter) on top of the Tele Vue eyepiece. Turning the Adapter’s lock ring secures the assembly to the eyepiece housing. It works for all the eyepieces listed, including many 2″ barrel eyepieces, such as the 55mm Plossl which gives the lowest power and largest field possible. If you have a telescope that accepts 2″ eyepieces, this is a great place to start your NV eyepiece collection because this eyepiece also accepts 2″ filters such a hydrogen-alpha types to enhance nebulae.

White Phosphor Night Vision Monoculars with manual gain control are ideal for astronomy. Imagine your 4 ” refractor showing stars normally limited to a 16″ reflector!

In general, we recommend magnification “step factors” of 1.7, so for example, if you started with a 55mm Plossl as your lowest power, the next step would be a 32mm Plossl, followed by an 18.2mm DeLite, 11mm DeLite and 7mm Delite. Add higher powers only if necessary, such as a 4mm DeLite. We recommend DeLite eyepieces particularly because of excellent optical performance, adjustable eyeguards that match both NV and visual needs, lightweight, and best cost/performance ratio. If you only have 1-1/4″ eyepiece capability, you might want the 40mm Plossl instead of the 32mm. Note that if you already own Delos or Nagler type 4 eyepieces, you can use them too. Even the 31mm Nagler 2″ eyepiece can be used but its 82 degree field has no field benefit over a 32mm Plossl’s 50 degree field since the 1x PVS-14 Monocular has a 40 degree input and output capability.

Available exclusively at TNVC.

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Tele Vue Optics
Aerospace Grade Aluminum
NV Compatible:
Any Night Vision Monocular with PVS-14 Eyepiece (PVS-14, MOD-3B, GT-14, etc)
Eyepiece Compatible:
Tele Vue Plossl, DeLite, Delos,Panoptic, Nagler