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TNV/ Sentinel Binocular Night Vision System - L-3 OMNI VIII

Up-Armored Aviation-Style Goggle

$7,899.99 — $8,034.99

The TNV/Sentinel BNVS is a unique night vision system, adaptable to the needs of Warfighters, Law Enforcement Professionals, and Civilian Sportsmen alike.  Designed in direct response to the ground deployment of ANVIS Aviation Goggles (and their subsequent breakage due to not being rugged enough for that environment), the TNV/Sentinel provides the operator with a ton of useful features not found in other systems.  The Sentinel program was developed by Adams Industries as a way to provide ground forces with an up-armored version of their coveted ANVIS goggles.  Special Operations Forces have long used ANVIS goggles on the ground because of the superior performance of the optics and tubes compared to conventional systems.  But, aviation goggles were never designed to be deployed outside the protection of a cockpit and their more fragile nature has been a bane to SOF units.  Enter the Sentinel.

The Sentinel program was initiated as a way to provide the features desired by SOF operators in a much more rugged package.  It features an ultra-rugged machined composite housing, bolstered by aluminum front and rear plates on the bridge.  Like the ANVIS systems, Sentinels utilize worm drive interpupillary adjustment (however, there is no creaking and rattling as found in the aviation goggles).  On top of that, the Sentinel is submersible to 66′ which should put a smile on the face of anyone who has ever tried to use ANVIS goggles in the rain or snow.

Perhaps one of the most unique aspects of the Sentinel is the user-swappable mount interface.  The Sentinel can be field-adapted to either standard dovetail mounts or ANVIS-Style ball detent mounts.  When used in the standard dovetail configuration, the Sentinel is powered by a single on-board CR123 lithium battery.  It will plug into all standard dovetail helmet mounts such as the Wilcox L4 G24 and the Norotos INVG.  Switching interfaces is fast and simple; requiring the removal of four screws before replacing the dovetail with the ball detent.  The ball detent adapter interfaces with standard ANVIS goggle mounts such as the popular Adams Industries Surface ANVIS Mount or the legacy USGI ANVIS mount.  Power is supplied by a remote battery pack on the back of the helmet and allows for longer run times.  Helmet mounts are sold separately.

Controls are similar to PVS-14 goggles with a simple twist on/off power knob that also activates the onboard infrared illuminators.

We build our TNV/Sentinel Goggles with L-3 Infinity OMNI VIII Image Intensifier Tubes.  These Gen3 tubes offer unparalleled clarity, resolution, low light performance, and durability.

5 Year Warranty

TNVC, Inc warrants this product for a term of five (5) years after purchase date.  During this period, TNVC guarantees this product to be free from manufacturing defects in material and workmanship under normal use.  In the event that a defect covered by this warranty occurs during the period stated, TNVC, Inc, at its discretion, will either repair or replace the product.  Such action on the part of TNVC, Inc. shall be the full extent of the company’s liability, and the customer’s sole and exclusive remedy.  This warranty does not cover products that:

  • Were used in other than normal and customary manner.
  • Were misused.
  • Were altered, modified, or repaired by the customer or a party other than TNVC, Inc.
  • Were discontinued by the manufacturer and either parts or replacement units are not available due to reasons beyond the control of TNVC, Inc.

TNVC, Inc. shall not be responsible for any defects or damage that in the company’s opinion, resulted from the mishandling, abuse, misuse, improper storage, or improper operation, including use in conjunction with equipment which is electrically or mechanically incompatible with or of inferior quality to the product, as well as failure to maintain the environmental conditions specified by the manufacturer.  This includes using rechargeable batteries, storing the product with batteries installed, or battery compartment corrosion due to faulty battery.

Customer is hereby notified that operation of the equipment during daylight or under excessive light conditions may permanently damage the image intensifier tube.  While the system is auto-gated, it is not able to withstand exposure to constant light including, but not limited to, light sources, weapon sights, laser radiation.  Auto-gated Generation 3 night vision is designed to stand up to nighttime battlefield light conditions, but prolonged exposure to any light source will still cause damage.

This warranty is extended only to the original purchaser.  No other warranties except for this one apply to this product, including, but not limited to written, oral, statutory, expressed or implied, including any implied warranty or merchantability or fitness for particular purpose, shall apply to this product.

Export of Night Vision Equipment or related accessories (such as manuals) is strictly regulated by the US Department of State in accordance with the guidelines of the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR). It is a major crime to ship or carry US manufactured night vision devices outside the borders of the United States, punishable by fines and prison sentences. Ignorance of these regulations will not hold up in court. By purchasing night vision equipment from TNVC, you attest that you will not attempt to export or carry this night vision equipment outside the borders of the United States. Also, it illegal to allow a non-US Citizen to look through US Gen3 Night Vision Devices, even on US soil. Again, this is a crime punishable by fines and prison sentences.

Adams Industries (OEM)
4.5″(L) x 4.7″(W) x 2.9″(H) – Dovetail Installed, 4.5″(L) x 4.7″(W) x 4.0″(H) – Ball Detent Installed,
20.8 oz. (Dovetail), 23.1 oz. (Ball Detent)
Matte Black or FDE, Corrosion Resistant
One (1) CR123 3V Lithium Battery (Dovetail) or External ANVIS or GWBP Battery Pack (AA/CR123)
Battery Life:
Approx. 30 Hours at Room Temp. w/ Standard CR123
MIL-STD-810F Compatible
5 Year Warranty
Operating Temp:
-40°F to 113°F
Storage Temp:
-58°F to 140°F
Intensifier Tubes:
L-3 MX10160 Infinity (x2)
64 lp/mm (Typical)
Automatic Brightness Control
Objective Lens:
Ocular Lens:
EFL 25mm
+2 to -6
9.8″ to Infinity
Tube/System Data Sheet, Soft Carry Case, Operator’s Manual, Neck Cord, Objective & EP Lens Caps (X2), Eye Cups (X2), Demist Shields (X2), Sacrificial Windows (X2), Tissue, One Lithium CR123 Battery, Dovetail Mounting Adapter, Ball Detent Mounting Adapter