Tyler Grey

Tyler Grey is a former US Army Tier 1 Operator with almost a decade in US Army special operations. He served over 4 and half years with the 2nd Ranger Battalion most of that time as a Sniper and then the rest of his career at Ft. Bragg as an Assaulter until he was medically retired from wounds received in Iraq. He has extensive special operations combat experience from multiple deployments in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Mr. Grey is currently in very high demand as a Military and Law enforcement tactical trainer as well as a consultant for various gear and weapon manufacturers. Since being medically retired Mr. Grey has continued to expand his knowledge in night fighting and develop new product designs, tactics, and training techniques to improve the US Military as well as Law Enforcements ability to operate in that environment. Lastly and most importantly he is also extremely active in aiding veterans, advocating for many Veterans causes as well as participating in the documentary “That Which I Love Destroys Me” (available on iTunes and on YouTube) which is about helping Veterans open up about the mental health issues that affect so many of not just todays veterans but all veterans past present and even future.