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Princeton Tec Switch Rail

Long Gun Navigation Light


The Princeton Tec Switch Rail is a tiny weapon-mounted navigation light designed to give operators low output illumination while navigating halls, corridors, or any other place on the battlefield where light discipline is paramount.  Bright weapon-mounted white lights are great for when the situation has gone dynamic, but sometimes stealth movement to contact is required.  these movements can be fraught with peril if the operator does not have the ability to see where he is going.  Unseen collapsed flooring can be extremely dangerous to an individual, while simply tripping on a child’s toy in an apartment hallway can compromise an entire team to anyone within earshot.  At the same time, bright weapon lights used as navigation aids advertise the team’s presence for miles and can be seen under doorways.

Enter the Princeton Tec Switch Rail.  Utilizing the popular size and lighting technology from their legendary MPLS line, the Switch Rail provides operators with a super slim package for a long gun.  Intuitive single-button control is tactile enough for use with gloves, while the extremely low profile design eliminates snag hazards on the weapon.  It ads a whole new capability to the weapon system without adding noticeable weight and bulk!  The Switch Rail is perfect for Warfighters and LE personnel on urban and rural battlefields, while hunters will find it extremely useful for tracking game.

The Switch Rail provides two different light options with three total outputs.  Press the activation once for low power colored light.  Press it a second time for high power colored light.  Press and hold it for ultra high power white light.  The Switch rail is designed to attach directly to M1913 Picatinny Rail.

Princeton Tec
10 Lumens
2 Ultrabright LEDs
Burn Time:
110 Hours
Two (2) 2016 Lithium Coin Cell Batteries, (2032 for Red and IR LED)
0.8 oz. w/ Batteries
Attaches to M1913 Picatinny Rail